Monday, August 24, 2009

*What a Weekend*

This weekend my step sister Karah had a going away party before she left to join the forces. Phil and I are very proud of her and the choices that she is making, we know it cannot be easy. I had the opportunity to spend time with my biological father and his family. I admit that I was apprehensive about going, as I told them later, because it has been quite a while since I have seen or communicated with them. They were very welcoming and very happy to see Philip and I, it did not turn out how I had expected it to (and that was a very good thing). I am appreciative of their open and accepting nature since I had such reservations about the party.
We wound up staying well into the night catching up and learning about one another, it was a blessed evening. Phil and I prayed before we went that the Lord would give me strength in confronting some of my fears and He was there holding my hand the whole time.

Thank you Keith, Jana, Karah, Sue, & Wendell for making it a wonderful evening. Phil & I look forward to having all of you be a part of our life, no matter how long it took to get to this point.

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  1. What a wonderful thing to hear about . I am so glad that you had this precious evening. I love hearing how God keeps working all these things that has happened in your life for HIs good. It is encouraging and part of his promise. I am also glad that you have a wonderful husband and he has a wonderful wife to depend on and to comfort and encourage each other. I love you both.

    Love, Mom