Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Poor Little Girl :(

Poor little Jenny is getting spayed today and needless to say her momma is a nervous wreck!! David (my brother-in-law) dropped her and Jonesy off this morning (Jonesy is getting a haircut) and I paced around my office while I was on the phone with him helping to fill out some paperwork. I haven't ever had a girl dog before so this is new to Phil and I... you always fear the unknown.

I am just saying a prayer anytime it really starts getting to me and I start to let my mind wonder to horrible things, God's gonna be with her the whole time even though I cannot be.

I only have to go about 10 hours before I get to see her and know that she is just fine. The doctor said she is going to have to wear one of those cones around her head for a few days so she doesn't chew out her stiches and that we have to keep it clean and dry. Easy enough right? Haha, it is going to be interesting to see our Jenny calm!

Writing all this out makes me feel better :) Thanks for letting me vent!

Love you all. I will post pictures of her 'cone head' soon <3

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