Thursday, August 26, 2010

May I Pull the Pregnancy Card?

I heard that you were supposed to get all of your energy back in your second trimester... what a crock!

I kid, I kid! I have had more energy than at the beginning of our pregnancy but I wouldn't say by much. Especially since I have started back at the schools (Rowlett HS, Schrade MS, and Coyle MS) I can feel myself going to that sleepy place about half way through my day. By the time I have gotten home the last few days I have been ready to crawl in bed and hibernate! My body is super sore and achy and I have a pretty constant headache (thank goodness I can at least take Tylenol!).

I also am missing my husband terribly this week. He will wind up working a 70+ hour week & with a two hour commute both ways that equals a very lonely wife and pups at home. I am so thankful for the job that he has and he is SO GOOD at it! I am exceptionally proud to be his wife and am so thankful that he works so hard and diligently. He is remarkable especially with some of the things that he has to deal with on a daily basis.

I just miss him.

God has blessed us so much. Perhaps I can pull the pregnancy card (which I try never to do) & say that it's the hormones that are making me so needy and pathetic?!

Anywho, the pups and I are waiting for Project Runway to come on so that we can be distracted and not weep about the absence of our sweet, hard worker.

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