Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It just keeps getting better!

Our sweet Lilah turned 3 weeks old just yesterday! She is the most incredible little miracle, a true gift from our gracious Savior.
I can say without hesitation that the first two weeks were very difficult for me. After being in the hospital for two weeks, having to have an unplanned c-section, recovering from the surgery, & coming home with a new baby completely wore me out. Sleep deprivation combined with off the wall hormones snuck up on me and before I realized it I was letting myself give in to a bit of depression.
I did a lot of praying... And then some more... Then more still and after what felt like an eternity (probably two days) I began to feel a little bit more like myself, the pieces started to come together. Sleep is such wonderful medicine for a new mom! If ever you hear that bringing home baby is wonderful & full of smiles, self assurance, and complete bliss please call me and give me the name and number of the woman spreading such lies, I will need to speak with her!
Don't get me wrong, Lilah is the most incredible little blessing and this third week has been truly wonderful. She is sleeping for 3-4 hours at a time between feedings and doesn't fuss unless she is hungry or needs a new diaper (yes we recognize how lucky we are to have such a wonderful baby).
All of this to say that I have a new respect for mothers and you truly cannot understand until it is your turn :) it just keeps getting better, she changes a little every single day and the thought that she will be a month old in less than a week is a little mind blowing. It is going to go by too fast for this momma.
The fact that the Lord has blessed me with this incredible job is the most flattering feeling I have ever felt. I am a mommy... The only thing I have ever truly longed to be :-) Increadible.

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  1. I am glad you and baby girl are doing well!! This was such a sweet, honest, and heartfelt post. :)