Monday, August 16, 2010

Diaper Bags, Strollers, & Bedding... OH MY!

It's a GIRL!
Our sweet little Lilah Ann Collins is only about 18 weeks from joining our family!!! So exciting!!!

We picked up her furniture this last weekend and it has been assembled thanks to my wonderful husband. The room is a bit crowded and I am still trying to figure out exactly where I want everything. I had a picture in my mind and of course, it isn't working out quite that way. The furniture is BEAUTIFUL and we are thrilled with the structure and color ALTHOUGH I will let you know that you do not have to purchase the most expensive stuff as Phil and I are pretty positive they are all exactly the same (only the sales pitch may change).

After we found out that it was Lilah we were having my brain flipped a switch to girly mode. Never did I think that would be the case as I do not tend to be a very "girly girl" but alas I want pink, pink, and more pink. : )

I repainted the light brown and tan squares on the wall to two different shades of pink the day after we had our sonogram (of course I had to do it right away... that is simply my way). I also ditched the bedding we had previously agreed on (we had not purchased it yet, no worries) and decided that I needed to find something more fitting for our little angel.

Easier said than done!

It has taken me two weeks (which seems like an eternity) to decide on bedding that will incorporate into her room. We couldn't do anything to busy because of the accent wall and I am not really into the butterflies, ladybugs, and barnyard animals.
We decided to go with this lovely set yesterday and I am very pleased...

Philip has brought to my attention that we need to have a manly diaper bag seeing as he does not want to be seen carrying a "sissy" one.... If any of you have diaper bag suggestions PLEASE let me know : ) These are a few that I have found...

Yes, I like Eddie Bauer... lol.

Now when it comes to the stroller/car seat combo I am having a difficult time NOT choosing something girly. We want to be able to use it later down the line so I understand going neutral... but that is not where my head is at!!
I suppose there will be much discussion on the topic in the weeks to come : D

Love you all, hope you aren't bored by baby talk!

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  1. They do have car seat covers if you want to go girly and convert later if needed. Also, I see many men carrying "girly" diaper bags... lol. It is really quite endearing, but I understand Phil's point. ;)

    I am sooo thrilled for yall!!! Currently decorating our house is driving me bonkers. I just can't get my head around it.