Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well Wishes for the Future of Mr. & Mrs. Davin Haley

My best childhood friend is getting hitched today : )

I remember when she was going to marry Justin Timberlake & I was going to marry JC from NSYNC... How grateful I am for unanswered prayers, lol!

I love that people change and that Megan & I have both grown into the women we were meant to be.

I wish you nothing but joy in your marriage to Davin today and for the rest of your lives. The most incredible thing I have ever done was to marry my best friend. God gave us such an amazing gift in marriage and the opportunity to share your life with a partner. I pray that Davin loves and cherishes you, that he leads you in a Godly union, and that you always feel loved. I pray also that you love and cherish Davin, that you always honor, support, and respect him, and that you continue to fall in love more each day. I love you friend.
Can't wait to watch you walk down the aisle! All eyes on you girlfriend :-D

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