Monday, July 12, 2010

Wait.. Was My OBGYN Just Holding His Breath???

Yes... turns out he was.

I went in today to get some blood work done & to see if I was anemic (which it turns out I am borderline so I will begin an iron supplement daily). I wasn't expecting to get an exam and I certainly hadn't let myself believe I was going to get to hear my baby's heartbeat (I was devastated last time I didn't get a sono!) so I was OVERJOYED when my sweet, white haired doc went over and picked up the doppler!

"Oh yay!" I exclaimed, and in response received a giggle. : )

We chatted through about the first 20 seconds while he guided the 'wanna be microphone' across my tummy... then we stopped when I heard a heartbeat. It was my own. Sigh.
Another 20 seconds goes by... and then another... and another.

"You're making me nervous", I cautiously said, no response from doc.

He began pushing on my tummy and trying to manipulate the belly that I have come to love.
A total of about 2 minutes passed and then FINALLY the 'whooshing' sound of my little ones heart came over the doppler! "HALLELUJAH!" I thought and subsequently said aloud.

That's when my precious doctor let out a huge gush of air and I realized he had been holding his breath!
It is never comforting when your doctor is nervous especially when it pertains to your growing child, but in the end I got what I was longing for... even if only for a brief moment... the knowledge that our miracle is safe and sound, growing and getting prepared to meet us face to face.

~~ Lord, thank you for your love, for this life, and for this child. Thank you for the knowledge that you are bigger than everything and everything is what you control.~~

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