Friday, July 2, 2010

Dreary Outside, Joyful in my Heart

I finished painting the BABIES ROOM! I haven't been able to go as hard on it as I would have pre-fat girl (it's a joke, I know I'm not "fat") and therefore I would get frustrated that it wasn't done... NOW! But alas, it is done! I am very, very pleased with the outcome & I really think the baby is going to love it :D

We will be putting the current bed up in the attic and are looking into getting a day bed or futon for the room so that there is plenty of space but still a place to rest/sleep.
I am so thankful for this home & for a place that we can bond with our child. We are blessed beyond words.
Now if only we knew FOR SURE if it was a little boy or little girl! :) Either way I cannot wait to meet our little miracle.

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