Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sweet Emails Make My Heart Happy :-D

I just thought I would share a few emails that I recieved from people in the City of Dallas after they learned that I would be leaving...

"Courtney: You will be missed!!! You have been excellent to work with and I wish you the very best in your new endeavors! What a great opportunity to work from home. I have done that before and it really helps to bring some balance to your life. I just signed my daughter up for voice lessons through Mesquite ISD and she loves it! Best of luck! Keep in touch."

"It will be sad to see you go. You will truly be missed. I hope they realize that. Unfortunately, we never appreciate people until they are gone. I want to say thank you for all your hard work and I appreciate you! I wish you happiness and success. May God’s blessing be on with you."

"I hate to see you go, but I wish you well with your new opportunity. Thanks for all your hard work."

It almost makes all the stress, rude emails, & immaturity worth it.... ALMOST! :)

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