Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Everything Rides on Faith Now"

It is becoming more and more real that I am going to be leaving a job with a steady paycheck and I am constantly finding myself doubting God's plan. I am human and willing to admit that I go through plenty of valleys. Satan has a way of beating me down and sadly I tend to let him (and then take over in beating myself up). This morning I was imagining how it will be when I am teaching voice lessons and my joy was being slowly extinguished by thoughts of failure.

So I prayed.

"Lord, please take control of these doubts and fears and turn them into excitment and joy. I am not in control and I thank you for the wisdom to recognize this. You gave me gifts that I can use for your glory and I desperately need you now."

God has his hands on me and my sweet family. I am finding peace is knowing that this is part of his plan for us. If you will, please pray that I can overcome this 'sickness' (as I call it) of letting Satan convince me that I am not good enough.

Love you all!

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