Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"I'm ready Mommy!"

My precious Lilah started Mothers Day Out today, which we call school, at Murphy Road Baptist Church. I have been pretty wrapped up in getting everything prepared for her to start, so much so that I hadn't really thought about what it was going to be like for her to actually GO. This morning I asked her if she was ready to go to school, she looked me in the eye with a smile and said, "I'm ready Mommy!" and that was when it hit me. My baby is leaving me today. Where has time gone and where did my teeny little baby go? I have cried off and on since I walked away from her playing and making new friends this morning but I can honestly say that it isn't so much because I am sad, which I am, but more because I am truly overwhelmed by God's sweet grace and His love for me, my daughter, and my husband. I am so unworthy of the unconditional love of my daughter, so hopelessly sinful and imperfect... but look what He has given me!! I'll say it again, I am overwhelmed! Here are some pictures from my big girls first day of school!! Since she was up & ready to play at 5am she decided to take a little cat nap on the way.
She wanted to carry her "sleepbag" into school by herself :)
She really wanted to take her name sticker off of her sleeping bag...
I love this, telling Daddy she is ready to play!
Such a big girl.
"I play?!" Sweet love, she was super excited and Mommy was choking back tears.
First day of school picture with Daddy!
So many things kept catching her attention, the classroom is perfect for a big imagination!
First day of school picture with Mommy!
She went right over and sat down to play with the toys. She kept looking at another little girl that was crying with a curious look on her face. It didn't phase her that we were leaving :)
She is going to have such a good time with all her new friends!! I'm so happy for her :)

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  1. sweet... i remember my girl's first day of MDO like it was yesterday