Saturday, July 7, 2012

Two cups of coffee? That's unheard of!

I had the immense pleasure of enjoying TWO hot cups of coffee this morning in silence because my daughter loves me and decided to sleep in! Hallelujah! It's truly the little things once you become a momma :) On another note, we had our second round of home study interviews yesterday and Phil and I were both under the impression that it would be our final round. Wrong. They are coming back next week for more questions and paperwork. I will tell you, becoming foster parents is not for the lazy or weak of heart. It has been quite a bit of hard work and the paperwork seems to be never ending. One of the questions yesterday had to do with accepting a child of a different race, cultural background, and religion and how we would respect the child's individual beliefs. We answered the question with honesty and sincere hearts... the truth is that we will love each of our foster babies unconditionally and show them Christ's love and grace to the best of our ability. We will respect their families and their values but we will not compromise our faith and belief that God will give us children that need to see who Christ is and come to understand that He loves them no matter their background. Please be praying for Phil, Lilah, and I as we answer the tough questions honestly and pray that He gives us the strength to stand on His strong foundation throughout this process. 7 months have gone by since we started our foster care path and we are anxious to love on the babies that will come to our home and become part of our family. Thanks for the support!! It means everything to us :)

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  1. You are right. Not for the weak. It is for the obedient. I am so proud of you for following god's calling on your life even though it may be the toughest journey you have ever been on. His rewards and blessings will be great and far exceed the difficulties you are experiencing now! I can't wait to see who god brings to your home for restoration and healing!