Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let's Get This Blog Started!

Well, hey!
Excited about being able to share what is going on in our busy lives. My hope for this blog is to get a chance to keep our family and friends updated on the wonderful things that the Lord is doing in our lives & marriage! We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams and are excited about our future together :)

To catch up:
Philip and I have been blessed with great jobs; Phil is working as an office engineer for Andres Construction and I am the Project Manager for Star Parking and the City of Dallas. Both carry their fair share of stress and frustration, as with any J-O-B, but we are greatful for the opportunity to work (and the paychecks aint so bad either!) with so many people not able to find work.

We bought our first home a few months ago and are completely infatuated with it! We have painted, decorated, rearanged, and made it a home. It is our favorite place to be! We just finished painting the kitchen last night... really happy with the outcome!! So pretty!

We have our own sweet little family- Jenny & Jonesy, our precious puppies :) Jonesy will be 4 years old in March and Jenny will be 7 months old on the 31st (they grow up so fast, haha). They truly are our children and boy are they rotten!

We look forward to keeping up with this blog and we appreciate all those who take the time to read it! Love you guys. :)

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